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Henrik Norlander Image

“Completely carried away by the comfort and the durability of the shoes. These are my go-to shoes both on and off the course.”


Henrik Norlander

PGA Professional

Grant Horvat Image

"Really impressed about what Goatlane is doing and how well their shoes are performing. Love that they work on and off the course."


Grant Horvat

Golf Influencer

Wilhelm Schauman Image

“I have worn golf shoes from all major brands. Completely carried away by the comfort and durability of the shoes. These are my go-to shoes both on and off the course.”


Wilhelm Schauman

Former DP-Tour & PGA TV Host

Mac Boucher Image

“Goatlane is not only giving golfers a new cooler look, they are also creating top quality shoes that perform great. As a Canadian you need equipment that perform in all weather conditions.”


Mac Boucher

Golf influencer

Max Fallenius Image

The shoes are perfect for the amount of golf we're playing in college. Walking 36 holes during tournament rounds have never been more comfortable. The versatility allows me to head straight to practice after my classes without having to pack other shoes.


Max Fallenius

College Golfer

Your all-in-one golf sneaker. Perfect grip, dry, and top of the line comfort.

At Goatlane, we want you to feel like the great both on and off the course. I was tired of looking like the bland, old-fashioned golfer - and if you're here, you probably are too. Welcome to the party.

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Gustav Schauman, Founder, HCP 0