Greetings From The Big Apple

Greetings From The Big Apple

At the end of last year, our founder Gustav took the early flight from Stockholm and overseas to New York, for a week of urban inspiration, planning, and photoshoot. It was a successful week and he wrote a postcard sharing his experience and thoughts from the trip.

In my perspective, New York stands out as one of the most captivating fashion cities, alongside Paris and Milan. Having lived in Milan for several years, I've seen numerous fashion trends come and go. Despite the fast changes in the fashion landscape, a similar dynamism has been lacking in the golf space, at least until now. Things have changed over the past few years, and we've observed the appearance of exciting collaborations and new brands in the golf industry. Goatlane being one of them. 

Goatlane New york

Heading to NYC has always been a trip that has been booked in my calendar, and that date was set for September 2023, during fashion week. I brought Erik with me, our “camera guy” who was in charge of documenting the journey and the trip. Having Erik with me and documenting was great, but also because we felt an importance in sharing the trip and its highlights with you guys afterwards.

New York

Spending a few days in New York is always special and the city breathes creativity and inspiration. The week was filled with visits to different cafés, subways and the famous fries at Five Guys. I'm also a huge tennis fan, so sneaking in a visit to US Open was a must too. Besides taking in the city aura, meetings and planning the next year’s schedule was on the schedule too. Manhattan does not breathe golf for the outsider, but having a few indoor places, and the golf range out on the Pier can dampen your golf needs for a while. It certainly did for me.

New York - Goatlane

After extensive research into factories, fabrics, color schemes, fabric weights, and patterns from diverse corners of the world, including Portugal, Italy, Peru, and Turkey, we finally have something that we believe will be appreciated by our followers and worn on and off the course around the world. For those who have followed our journey, you know that we've established a golf lifestyle brand with a primary focus on golf sneakers. While we've always aspired to diversify our product categories, golf shoes held a special place for me, serving as our starting point. Our dedication has been to craft outstanding products and build a brand that resonates with today’s golfer, and we’ll continue to do so.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this reading, and we’re excited to share more of this with you in the future!


// Gustav Schauman

New York - Goatlane 

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